Application Pack for Microsoft Office

Connecting your enterprise-wide capital program management system more directly to the data your endusers work with every day is what systems interoperability is all about. With the Proliance Application Pack for Microsoft Office, you can enable your Proliance users to quickly and easily interact with Proliance data via their familiar Microsoft Office applications.

The Proliance Application Pack is a collection of Microsoft Office Business Applications that connects Trimble’s best-in-class capital program management software solution with Microsoft’s popular desktop productivity application suite. Infrastructure-intensive organisations that rely on successful capital programs can reduce project risk while enabling their users to work more efficiently and in a familiar environment.


  • Improve End User Adoption - Reduce training by allowing users to work with project data using familiar desktop applications
  • Increase Ease of Use - Users can avoid switching between different applications when creating, updating or managing project data
  • Streamline Data Entry – Leverage Excel’s spreadsheet format for a better way to do bulk data entry
  • Reduce Risk – Capture project email and attachments into Proliance, ensuring critical project information is not lost
  • Work Offline - Users can work in an offline environment, and then synchronise their changes with Proliance at a later time
  • Collaborate Better – Exchange data bi-directionally with Proliance over the Internet so that project teams can quickly share information

Outlook - Proliance Navigator

  • Navigate Proliance data directly from within Outlook
  • Upload email to track formal correspondence with one click
  • Respond to RFIs directly from email

Excel - Earned Value App

  • Tie Cost and Schedule data together to better measure project performance
  • Calculate Earned Value for specific Cost Accounts
  • Visualise forecasted costs over time using built-in charting
  • Perform Earned Value analysis without having to implement a complex system

Excel - Commitment App

  • Manage the Contracting process, including Expense Contracts and Change Order documents using a familiar interface
  • Create Schedule of Value line items > Assign line items to Cost Accounts

Excel - Budget App

  • Manage the Budgeting process
  • Create budget line items
  • Assign line items to Cost Accounts

Excel - Account App

  • Manage budget coding

Excel - Cost Event App

  • Initiate Cost Events
  • Assign line items to Cost Accounts

Excel - Invoice App

  • Submit Invoices
  • Approve & Review Invoice Progress

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