Atrium EAM module 6: ESTATES

The Estates module is focused on the legal, organisational and financial aspects of your property and asset portfolio.

It defines the legal detail of the portfolio and provides comprehensive terrier facilities, including acquisitions, disposals, asset valuations, insurance valuations, rating valuations and all types of agreements.  Data is managed through a series of easy to use and configurable Data Wizards that come as a standard part of the software.  

One of four modules making up the Operational part of the Atrium EAM system, Estates is further enhanced through Additional Features such as GIS and CAD Integration, document management and notifications. 

“Combining who is responsible for a property or asset with where and what it is, and then linking this with contracts and orders, has helped us manage our complex portfolio more effectively than ever before.” 

Kay Banghard – Mouchel Group at Bedfordshire County Council



Pro-active legal and financial estate management, with more control and better organisation, ensures you achieve business objectives and regulatory compliance.

  • Enables proactive management of all agreements, leases, acquisition and disposals
  • Ensures more control and improved organisation – events and milestones are automatically scheduled in your diary, so you never miss a date
  • IFRS compliant valuations and capital accounting ensure your organisation meets its regulatory obligations



The Atrium EAM Estates module comprises 3 main areas of functionality:

  • Acquisitions & Disposals – deals with the full details of ownership, including land titles, deeds, boundaries, covenants, easements, wayleaves and constraints
  • Agreements – manages all agreements affecting the portfolio, regardless of type (lease, licence, permit, etc) or whether you're acting as the tenant or landlord
  • Valuations – covers asset, insurance and rating valuations and provides capital accounting facilities to new the IFRS standards


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