Transaction Management

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Real estate professionals are constantly evaluating multiple scenarios and transactions that would best align with their corporate and portfolio strategy before securing and negotiating a final transaction.

Manhattan's Transactions Management module enables real estate professionals to manage the processes associated with both the acquisition and disposition of property.

  • Improves comparative analysis used in decision support
  • Full workflow support enables standardised processes to be followed
  • Streamlines the transition from "what if" scenario to "actual"
  • Historical records are maintained for later analysis
  • Improves coordination between brokers and portfolio managers
  • Provides greater transparency into the overall real estate lifecycle

The entire lifecycle of the deal is tracked:

  • Site/property analysis and acquisition
  • Creation of scenario records
  • Valuation of current and future property investments by fair market value
  • Discounted Cash Flow and equivalent yield methods
  • Rent and CAM charges (including indexation)
  • Seamless integration with Manhattan Project Management