Capital Planning

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The Capital Planning tool allows users to a specific capital budget to allocate funds for all phases of the real estate life cycle based on a configurable hierarchy. To facilitate decisions, support data from all Manhattan Software modules seamlessly share and transition information for accurate reporting across deferred projects, asset lifecycle, condition assessment, and market planning.



  • Use data to create funding for capital plans and budgets
  • Utilize historic capital planning data to increase the accuracy of future plans
  • Better and more accurate forecasting of real estate investments
  • Capability to split the availability of capital funds throughout the course of the year
  • Associate CAD drawings and photos with plans and budgets
  • Integrate capital budgets with procurement and work order functionality
  • Ability to request additional or release funds in a live budget which can be adjusted when unforeseen changes occur
  • Track actuals such as committed projects and preventive maintenance plans against capital budgets