Touch Screen Integration

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Using Manhattan Space Scheduling alongside the latest in meeting room touch screen hardware provides employees with an easy-to-use platform for booking and managing meeting rooms, all through the touch panel.

Many organizations use Crestron or AMX meeting room technology to enhance the conference room experience. Integration with Manhattan Space Scheduling ensures users can have access to conference room bookings through the Crestron or AMX touch screen. With a fully integrated Crestron or AMX panel, organizations can now have intelligent “rooms of the future”, where control of all aspects of a meeting room is at the users’ fingertips. The panel functions may be customized to suit each client’s needs. With Touch Screen integration, users can see live room information such as whether the room is available or booked. Interactive features allow users to check into and out of pre-booked meetings. This check in function can also automatically free up the room in the event of a no-show. Users can also book available rooms on the fly, directly through the integrated touch screen.  All interactive booking functions are communicated seamlessly with Manhattan Space Scheduling.

  • Real-time lists of all expected visitors
  • Automatic addition of visitors’ names to a central guest list for future use
  • Only storing each visitor photograph once, maximizing efficiency
  • Positive identification of visitors
  • Easy tracking of visitor attendance and history
  • Flagging certain guests as not requiring a photograph
  • Configuration of any, and multiple, badge designs to suit operational requirements
  • Batch badge printing
  • Visitor arrival and departure logging
  • Real-time list of visitors on the premises (important for fire-evacuation lists)