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There is probably no other industry that is undergoing more of a disruptive revolution than retail. This is where virtual buying and mobility have totally changed the shopping experience and the customer now has many choices of how they purchase merchandise and products. The physical store is only part of the buying experience, as there are now countless channels to sell and purchase goods. Now choosing the right location at the right time at the right cost is more critical than ever.

Trimble's Manhattan software is utilized in all types of retail locations and restaurant chains that manage their own real estate as tenants. This category also includes retail-like organizations that include healthcare chains, gas stations, hotels, health clubs, banks and investment branches.

Retail organizations choose Trimble to increase capital efficiency, enable execution on increasingly complex capital planning, and retire end-of-life applications which simplifies the real estate technology portfolio. Trimble solutions address the entire life-cycle of each location to optimize each location's profitability to support the strategy of that retail organization.

Trimble has the right mix of applications for this market, including:

  • Manhattan IWMS - for planning, management and optimization of the entire building life-cycle from site selection, through operations and maintenance of the real estate portfolio.
  • Workplace Analytics - for visualization of the state of your real estate portfolio, showing patterns and outliers in the use, occupancy and cost of managing the portfolio.
  • Atrium - for capital asset planning, enabling you to plan and budget deferred maintenance on owned properties.
  • Proliance - for managing construction projects, either new buildings or for renovations, letting you bring work in on time and on budget.
  • Space Scheduling - for managing collaborative and other reservable spaces to ensure resource effectiveness.
  • Trimble Connect - the platform to organize your collaboration in the design and construction phases around BIM projects.